Create@ Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest 2019

This contest is hosted by Alibaba Group’s subsidiary, Alibaba Cloud, organised by IHZ International with co-organisers made up with E Venture Capital, HuaZong Multimedia and Information Committee, FEMACGA and BIG WHEEL SEEDBANK.​

Since 2015, it was initiated with the core purpose of discovering the world’s most innovative and potential business teams and technology ideas in order to nurture a good industrial ecology. This is one of the world’s largest entrepreneurial contests which covers more than ten countries and hundreds of cities worldwide. This time, in 2019, Create@ Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest will be promoting the technology sector, focusing on innovation in “new retail” and “AIoT”. By using “one” data platform; “two” experimental industries; “one hundred” new industry applications as targets, and the power of the government, Alibaba and global creativity, this contest hopes to build a significant industry to stimulate local and international innovation and become a crucial point in transformation.

Dato Simon Lim, our Managing Partner and Gan Ping Sieu, the Founder and Senior Partner of Gan & Zul, were invited to be one of the panel judges in Create@ Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest 2019.

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