Malaysia Blockchain Week (MBW): Blockchain and Emerging Technology Forum

Our Firm’s Managing Partner, Dato’ Simon was invited to be in the panel discussion of “Blockchain and Emerging Technology Forum” during Malaysia Blockchain Week on June 20, 2019 in Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Jenny Hiew, our Senior Executive of Legal Learning and Lead Development, was the host of the event.

The panel discussion titled “The Implications of Fusing 5G and Blockchain in Future”, moderated by Dato’ David Gurupatham, Managing Director of DGK Legal. The session interestingly discussed why 5G, a battleground for US-China, is also a disruption in the blockchain industry. This fireside chat was greatly orchestrated among Oii Ming Long- Vice President of Huawei Cloud Malaysia, Stephan Chia- Director of Dragonfly Fintech, Poo Kuan Hoong- Principle Machine Learning Engineer, Vincent Cheong-CEO of Buddicart eCommerce Sdn Bhd.

This “Blockchain and Emerging Technology Forum” was organised and arranged by Jagdish Pandya from BlockOn.