Meet & Greet with the IP Expert: Datuk Lawrence Yip

GAN & ZUL is honoured to welcome Datuk Lawrence Yip, an expert in the area of intellectual property.

Datuk Yip was a practising lawyer before he quitted legal practice 15 years ago and ventured into establishing Trademark2U, one of the most successful pioneers in IP and trademark private practice in Asia. After 15 years of Datuk Yip’s tireless effort which resulted Trademark2U to become a trademark giant with offices across Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok and Beijing in addition to more than 100 international affiliates.

The Firm truly appreciates Datuk Yip’s generosity for sharing his experience and insights with our Mr Kean Kang, the Firm’s senior associate who is in our IP Practice Group and also a registered trademark, patent and industrial design agent.